About Us

The Ortho Studio Overview

We are the leaders in S.A. in the discipline of pain-free, non-invasive Orthodontics with Fixed appliances. Managing the growth of the face and aligning teeth WITHOUT tooth extractions is our vision for all orthodontic practices in future.

Steer away from the outdated “extraction” practices and call on us for developing your child’s face and aligning his teeth without invasive procedures. The complications of doing tooth extractions will ruin the rest of his life for years to come by compromising his facialand
bodily growth. Waiting for permanent teeth will pass the best time to manage it

We refined the art of Early Interception into Facial growth anomalies to a level of excellence. Our aim does not end with straight teeth, but in normal breathing and healthy sleep without snoring and sleep apnue. Tension headaches and sinus pain disappear within weeks after
start of treatment because we restore the balance of the face in a natural way.

We are actively involved in training dentists in Fixed Orthopedic Orthodontics through our specialized Medical Board -accredited courses and apply the same sound principles at the Ortho Studio now for the past 27 years. The sound principles used to balance the growth are applied with our innovative, comfortable and most advanced fixed appliances in the world.

Call us today and come share our past successes and healthy future. You owe it to yourself
to come and learn the truth about facial growth and tooth alignment first hand.

Your Orthodontic Professional

DR Bert Botha

B.Sc, B.Ch.D (Pret)

Orthodontic Practitioner

MD, Chief Clinician and Principal Advisor of Orthologic Studio and Orthologic Systems

Short Curriculum Vitae

1959  |  Born in Pretoria, South Africa.
1976  |  Matriculated in the North-West Province.

1981  |  B.Sc. – Tukkies.
1986  |  B.Ch.D – (Cum Laude) Tukkies.

1986 – 2005  |  Private General Dental Practice.

2006 – Present  |  Practice limited to Orthodontics with a special interest in Interceptive Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

Currently, the Chief Clinician and Managing Director of Orthologic Studio (Private Orthodontic Practice finishing 500 – 700 cases per year) and Managing Director and Principal Treatment Advisor of family-owned Training-, Consulting Company and Custom Appliance Lab Orthologic Systems (Accepting and advising on close to 1000 cases per year submitted by Client Colleagues that became OLS Certified Practitioners through his Orthopaedodontic Training Programs). Both Companies are situated in Wellness World Corporate Park in Hartbeespoort, North West.

Presented several CPD accredited seminars on Early Treatment (especially Early Class II Treatment with Fixed Appliances) as well as annual Hands-on training courses in Interceptive Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances. Developed own range of Proprietary Fixed Orthopaedic Appliances (The Orthologics 4D System®). Conducting pioneering research on Facial Growth-Engineering through Orthologic Systems and occasionally performs as a guest speaker at Branch Meetings, Conferences and Schools.